Want more power from your car? Or better fuel economy? How about both?

Then remapping is the answer.

Here at Herts and Beds Custom remaps we can do just that! With the help of our experts at BhpUk we can unlock your vehciles potental to give you up to 25% more power and up to 30% more torque and also give you up to 20% more mpg.


We offer a completely mobile service which means we can come to your work or home and remap your vehicle whenever or wherever is convenient for you. We operate in and around the Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire area.

Performance Maps

Performance maps will give you the biggest gains in power and torque (up to 30%). Your car will be much more responsive and noticably quicker off the mark. Best gains in power are seen from turbo petrol and turbo diesel cars.

Balanced Maps

Balanced maps are our most popular maps giving you the best of both worlds. With up to 20% more power and torque but will also see a noticeable gain in mpg. It will also give you better throttle responce and smoother power delivery.

Economy Maps

Economy maps are the best way to save you money on your fuel bills. They give you up to 20% better fuel economy with very little loss in power. We can also restrict the vehcles top speed which will save you even more on fuel & points on your licence! These are most popular with vans but can be performed on most cars.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) removal.

Diesel particulate filters (DPF) can be very expensive to replace and are a common problem on some small diesels. They are designed like a catalytic converter to keep exhaust emissions down. Unfortunatly if they are not driven for long enough to get up to temperature they become blocked and a lamp illuminates on the dashboard. We are fully equipped to remove your DPF and extinguish your lamp for good saving you £££'s on an expensive trip to the main dealer.